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Leave all this to yesterday,
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Thursday, December 16th, 2004
4:13 pm
new live journal
okay so today in yearbook, we didn't really have a final. Rebecca and I got on my live journal and she agreed that just having kaitlin513 was boring. So we decided on good_grief_
I like it, reminds me of charlie brown
so anyways thats my new livejournal thing good_grief_
so I am not going to use this one anymore so you can delete it from your friends list...

Current Mood: chipper
Wednesday, December 15th, 2004
6:01 am
Okay I have not been worried about finals at all until right now, all of the sudden it hit me on how much stuff I have to do!!!! But I can't I am so distracted it is crazy! I went out to lunch with some people after my last final today we went to china town, that made me happy. Then I came home and watched a little full house and another and another. Then I turned off the tv and tried to study but I couldn't I was thinking about oxymorons... how they don't make any since at all, kinda cool. I thought of ones like
Alone together
Blind eye
Bitter sweet
Bright night
Constant change
Dark light
New classic
Dry water
False hope
Good grief
Sad smile
Dry rain

I was thinking about being creative and renaming this live journal to something cool like that but I didn't I could decide which one if any... Then I got back to studying, and i did for a bit but then I decided to get back on the computer and write in my live journal... so what if I grow up and work at mcDonalds, thats not bad. I think I'll just plan on being a big movie star i won't really have to be smart right? or a hobo that works too, maybe a bank robber, or a cowboy... an astronout (i think you have to be smart for that...) I could be in the CIA or maybe just marry some prince and rule my own country, i would be good at that... I could become an abstract artist (I said abstract because you don't really need much talent for that) how about a restaurant owner man nightclub owner i want to do that, maybe I can learn how to play an intrument and get money doing that. I could always invent something...what ever i don't care anymore, I don't need to know spanish, chemistry or world history to do any of that right? okay,

Yeah Chelsea I don't know how work this thing, I even tried to replay to your comments and it say "Sorry, you aren't allowed to post comments in other people's journals until your e-mail address has been verified. If you've lost the confirmation e-mail to do this, you can have it re-sent." so i resend or what ever it still is not working I give up!!!!


feel free to give me any advice on finals my oxymorons or a job or anything really it always makes me happy when I have coments...

Current Mood: stressed
Monday, December 13th, 2004
6:21 am
I just got back from Rebecca's house, it was fun. Watched the end of the movie [it was so sad... aw Johnny] So now I'm watching friends and buring a cd. I really should get on the final thing huh,
yeah I really don't have much to talk about,


"You may say I'm a Dreamer
But I'm not hte only one,
I hope someday you'll join us
and the world can live as one"
-john lennon

Current Mood: blah
Sunday, December 12th, 2004
7:23 pm

Yeah so today, got up early and went to pages house. We had some good times, we were working on this english projects that was that took forever but we still had a good time. Megan dressed like a boy, Page and I got to slap each other and pull hair, we danced to ring tones, and jason wore a dress and make up!... eventful... Then I went to Becca's house with Kelli, we watched Edward scissor-hands and still found Johnny Depp strangely atractive...

Rebecca I applaud your efforts for trying to do that one thing, you know with that person, but no worries we will try again next time.


Current Mood: I'm alright
Saturday, December 11th, 2004
1:20 am
So, I have spent a long time trying to think of a username for this live journal... I came up with this, clearly I am not very creative. Well I did think of some good ones but they were all taken so oh well. I started to do a spanish final review, that lasted about ten minutes because I relised I didn't know one thing in that packet and I would much rather be watching moulin rouge. Not a very interesting day at all. Now I am just sitting here setting up this live journal, I still don't know how to do anything (Kelly or Rebecca your going to have to help me.)
But I am listning to John Lennon and talking to camille, that makes me happy


Current Mood: content
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