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Okay I have not been worried about finals at all until right now, all of the sudden it hit me on how much stuff I have to do!!!! But I can't I am so distracted it is crazy! I went out to lunch with some people after my last final today we went to china town, that made me happy. Then I came home and watched a little full house and another and another. Then I turned off the tv and tried to study but I couldn't I was thinking about oxymorons... how they don't make any since at all, kinda cool. I thought of ones like
Alone together
Blind eye
Bitter sweet
Bright night
Constant change
Dark light
New classic
Dry water
False hope
Good grief
Sad smile
Dry rain

I was thinking about being creative and renaming this live journal to something cool like that but I didn't I could decide which one if any... Then I got back to studying, and i did for a bit but then I decided to get back on the computer and write in my live journal... so what if I grow up and work at mcDonalds, thats not bad. I think I'll just plan on being a big movie star i won't really have to be smart right? or a hobo that works too, maybe a bank robber, or a cowboy... an astronout (i think you have to be smart for that...) I could be in the CIA or maybe just marry some prince and rule my own country, i would be good at that... I could become an abstract artist (I said abstract because you don't really need much talent for that) how about a restaurant owner man nightclub owner i want to do that, maybe I can learn how to play an intrument and get money doing that. I could always invent something...what ever i don't care anymore, I don't need to know spanish, chemistry or world history to do any of that right? okay,

Yeah Chelsea I don't know how work this thing, I even tried to replay to your comments and it say "Sorry, you aren't allowed to post comments in other people's journals until your e-mail address has been verified. If you've lost the confirmation e-mail to do this, you can have it re-sent." so i resend or what ever it still is not working I give up!!!!


feel free to give me any advice on finals my oxymorons or a job or anything really it always makes me happy when I have coments...
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